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Painter: baking occlusion using an hemisphere while still using the match naming option

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Kyalie polycounter lvl 12
Hi guys!
Got a question about baking occlusion maps in Painter; i'm used to using xNormal for baking, and i wanted to give Substance a go since the match naming option is really helpful (and overall, the baking process is more efficient).
However, i usually use an hemisphere to get better light info (mentioned here) (since we're still baking lighting info in the diffuse over here), and i don't know how i could do that if i were to keep the match naming option on, except for creating and properly naming one hemisphere per element i want to bake.
So is there a way to add an exception to the match naming rule when baking so thar this hemisphere is present for each and every element? Or do you guys know of another way to get a similar result without using an hemisphere? Thanks!


  • poopipe
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    poopipe godlike master sticky
    personally I'd do it as a post process - many painter filters use the AO so you could easily end up having to paint loads of crap you don't want out of the results of the dirt generator etc. 

    You could probably get the result you're after by using a mask based on worldspace normal direction   the mask builder (or whatever they renamed it to) supports that
  • Kyalie
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    Kyalie polycounter lvl 12
    Ok i'll check that! I saw that apparently they also added a ground plane which kinda does the same thing.
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