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FINISHED, The weekly hard surface challenge, from polycount !

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britomon polycounter lvl 3
Link of all items > https://www.artstation.com/artwork/mqxDNZ

At the start of quarantine, I decided to accept Polycounts hard surface modelling challenge -- https://polycount.com/discussion/129938/week-8-the-weekly-hard-surface-challenge.
The objective of this challange was learn Blender and topology.
The original challenge has 51 objects in 52 weeks. I decided to do the challenge on steroids and change it to 51 objects in 51 days.
I started on March 23th, 2020 and end at April 13th,2020, Average total time modeling - 184 Hours.
I've just posted a speed modelling video with my commentary in Portuguese, I'm modeling in Blender, all the items. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IO-7Td5mX3E )
All the progress are in my blog (https://www.artstation.com/marcos-brito/blog) , hope you like it, any feedback are welcome.
Thanks polycount to provide this challenge. <3


  • Tom_Makes_Things

    Nice work on this - handling some of those later objects in a single day is very impressive. I'll be starting this challenge soon, your post inspired me. I was checking the later weeks of the challenge and a lot of the references are dead links, was this the case when you did it? Hopefully I can find references similar to the missing items.

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