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SSS radius Map Vray AL surface material (maya) question

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Laurelion polycounter lvl 10
Hi to everyone.

As title;
I have some question about sss radius map, exactly how did  it work?
The radius values in the material have a huge range, it's not like specular B/W, so how exactly could i use the color values in a radius map?
I tried a black and white map, first trying to find a colour value similar to the radius value in the bar, but without succes; even set a solid colour on all the map i cannot reach a similar result. The same SSS effects seems to be a little "off" with a map it's no like a real transluceny but more a "overlap" of the two texture, in fact if I put a value of total black on the map, the medium texture simple overlap the diffuse texture, no transluceny whatsoever.

So anyone have use radius map with AL surface (maya)? I reaaaly could use some information.

Thank you for the attention and sorry for my english.


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