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Hello, I'm a second year animation student in California. I used to have a Conceptart.org Sketchbook called IBASAW I had that one since I was like 8 years old. I went through a lot of ups in downs (I went through the foster care system in PA, and even dropped out of college once while I had a full scholarship for illustration.) I flew out to California and worked a bunch of jobs my first year, to fight my housing insecurity. (I messed up and put off-campus on my application.) 

And now schools over and I'm now in my second year and I'm so grateful for everything in my life and that I'm still alive.

I don't have any physical place to put my drawings, doodles and school artwork so I've created this to store all of my work.

Thanks for dropping by, and wish me luck I'll be posting some of my first year work on here.


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