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Where to start learning 3D?

Hey guys ,I dived into 3d 2 months ago and I loved it so much I bought a tablet to lern sculpting too ,I've searched online on the most effective ways to learn,but it is still blurry to me .
Some sources say I should learn to draw before getting into 3d ,some others say no.I'm not against trying ,I've even found some websites about traditional drawing and digital art .I dunno who's right .

Also ,if drawing isn't necessary ,then what are the fundamentals that I should learn before getting decent results (like anatomy etc...)

Sorry if It looks like I typed in a hurry ,english isn't my first language and I need to sleep .


  • Eric Chadwick
    Welcome to Polycount!

    I moved your topic from General Discussion to the section Career & Education.

    My first tip is for you to look in the Sticky at the top of this section. We've compiled tons of info for those like you who want to learn. Be prepared to do a lot of research, and take notes.
    There are many paths to becoming a professional game artist. Fortunately for you we have many experienced artists who have shared their career paths. The first link in that post points to Game Industry on the wiki, and the first section there is full of info for you.

     My second tip is to start sharing your attempts. I suggest making a Topic, and posting regularly, updating your thread with new work. Show that you are proactive and steadily working on your art. Describe your process. Share your techniques. And give others solid critiques. Involve yourself in the community, show you are invested in being here, and others are more likely to respond in turn.

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes!
  • Ashlander
    Wow thanks ! I'm checking this , also I'll try to follow the advices you gave me .
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