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Barbarian - WIP

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nimlot26 quad damage
I've been working lately on a barbarian. It all started when I decided to make a head based on a concept by Cedric Peyravernay...especially since I never made dreads and wondered how I would approach those to get a believable result in realtime.
 So obviously the head was made first and then decided to go further and actually make a full character. The head still requires more refining, the dreads will have some metal pieces hanging in them etc. Will get there when we will push the high poly further. 
For now the head looks like this. 

Now lately I've made a demon foe that will fight this barbarian in the final composition. 

More images and what not on my artstation: 

Now this brings us to the Barbarian wip...what we have so far in the high poly. We went through multiple iteration on different parts of him...right now were here but I'm quite sure a lot will change. 

As always the whole process for my personal work have been streamed on twitch...so please join me there if you wanna hang out and see my workflow: 
Also all the videos are saved and available for my patrons on Patreon: 


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