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Free 3dsmax autorig and calling info from other script problem

Hi everyone. I made an auto rig and I have a problem calling info between script.
When I evaluate the first time the autorig, in some part of the other script I have an error about spinners amd edittext in the principal script.
I load the secondary scripts with this code:

currentFolder = getFilenamePath (getThisScriptFilename())
rulesScript = pathConfig.appendPath currentFolder "\XXX.ms"
fileIn rulesScript  

And a function inside

 The point is, if I re-evaluate the script again I don't have problems. All work perfectly. I am completely lost with this because I am an animator no a scripter :)

You can download the autorig here:

I hope you enjoy it and if you have any suggestion about my problem you are very Wellcome



  • monster
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    monster Polycount Sponsor
    Nice work man! This rig feels really nice. I'll give it a go later.

    In Spine_rig.ms there was a function in a function. I just moved that function outside of the other function. I had to rename it to. Because It seems you are reusing function names.

    In Auto_Rig.ms you created a dependency loop. CreateNulls() references Ro1. And Ro1 references CreateNulls(). To get around that declare Ro1 as a variable, then define CreateNulls, finally define Ro1. Also, you should use / slashes in path names because \ can lead to esacpe character sequences.

    Last note, you are not Freezing Transforms of the master control.

    I've attached the edits. I tested creating a rig at first launch.
  • ivanlobon
    ohohhhohoWWW! Thanks very much Juan. I really appreciate a lot your help and feedback.
    About the master you are right but, I wan to have the possibility in the future to build the rig out of [0,0,0] just if someone needs it. And it is better if the master is completely free. Anyway, we know that the initial position of the master is "0" :D

    Off course test the rig if you want and please let me know what do you think
    again, thanks very much


  • dg3duy
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    dg3duy polycounter lvl 5
    Excellent work, I will take your script to take inspiration to make mine maybe in the future :)
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