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moliminous polycounter lvl 4
hi there folks, so a project we have (that's finally out development hell) is launching and for it, we need a 2d artist capable of doing show style anime drawing for ongoing commission work. 
attached are some examples, we really just want something that's not over-detailed or under detailed, something that can be looked at almost as if it's simply a still from a show anyone would be watching. An art style we highly like is the ones found in Studio Trigger's catalog.
It will typically involve only one character with either a monochromatic background or di-chromatic background. perhaps occasionally full though we may get a separate person to make those. 
for pay were flexible but because we're looking for long time work we do have a budget. we also appreciate the quick turn around times. obviously this is like searching for a unicorn. we understand good work costs money and sometimes takes a while, but someone who can meet a decent mixture of affordability with speed is our ideal candidate. 

please send us a portfolio with examples of your work, be on here, Deviantart or anywhere else, along with your prices and various turn around time estimates. these are thumbnail covers as well so they don't need to be exceptionally high res as well. 

you can contact us at [email protected] 


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