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[WIP] Desert Tech MDR fully stocked - game res

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Hey Guys!
It's been a while since my last post...but here it is ^^ 
I've played a lot of Tarkov the last couple of months so I decided to create one of my favorite weapons!

The goal is to create a base version and a fully stocked version of the MDR Desert Tech. 
I wanna try to model some of the interior parts as well, so it can be disassembled just like in Tarkov.

So the main parts will be 
- MDR Desert Tech standard model
- PMag Magazine
- Tactical laser
- Silencer
- Hybrid Eotech sights
- backup front and back sights
- Magpul front grip

and some smaller items like rails and ring mounts. 

So here is the Blockout

i will keep you guys posted with new HP shots as soon as they are done!

c&c is welcome! 


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