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Highpoly Zbush Stitches to Lowpoly Workflow Question

polycounter lvl 5
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martin242 polycounter lvl 5
I'm trying to figure out a workflow which lets me use an IMM Curve Stitch brush in Zbrush and then bake that detail into a lowpoly mesh, but at the same time, keep the stitches separate in some way, so I can easily change the stitches color later in Substance Painter.
How can I bake the normals of the stitches and create a good mask for them to use later in SP?
Tried to paint the stitches directly in SP but it doesn't have good brush controls to paint across a rounded model (a shoe in this case) so I guess using a curve brush in Zbrush which i can move and adjust is best. Any advice?
Thanks in advance!


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