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[Finished] Waiting for Horse and Carriage - Realtime Character

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Happy to finally post some of the stuff I have been working on during my time under Georgian Avasilcutei's mentorship. Aside from working on anatomy and likeness sculpting I have been pushing forward on this realtime character project based on the concept by Kyoung Hwan Kim https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xz4ABm.

My major aim with this character was to fill as many gaps in my knowledge in regards to the AAA character pipeline as I could while refining and improving my already established workflows. The biggest "new" thing for me with this character specifically involved finally committing to using Marvelous Designer to create the base for all of my clothing, bags and fabrics. Some of the hard surface was blocked out in max before being polished in zbrush while other pieces were created exclusively in zbrush.

I still have a few weapons to create as well as some other minor details but wanted to play with some rendering so I could finally tease what I have been working on. Will be diving into retopology either today or tomorrow!

Still hoping to get back to Thor one of these days but been hard since Keos Masons already did a cool job with the same concept. Still no game ready version though so hmmmm....

Artstation Blog Link: https://www.artstation.com/rabiddesign/blog/EVjA/waiting-for-horse-and-carriage-realtime-project


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