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[UE4] [Finished] [Released] - RaceTrack Construction Kit

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Hi Polycount Community! 

I'm creating a "Race Track Construction Kit" for the Unreal Marketplace and wanted to share the working progress here and get some feedback and critiques.
I've already made a lot of assets for this pack, for example, metal rails, fence rails, tires, banners and etc. (I will attach some screenshots below, P. S. sorry for bad placement of props :) it's just for to see what props are ready when all assets will be done I will create a fully playable demonstration map)

They are all using one master's materials and there are many useful parameters to change the look of each prop. For example, there is an option to easily change the stripe color from red-white to blue-white and etc.

Also, I've made unique master material for roads. There is a function to add skidmarks on the road using the vertex painting.

There are still a lot of assets left to do.
I'm planning to add these assets below
  • Tribune
  • Pitstop
  • Flags
  • Start/Finish line
 Also, I will add many road variations with different curbs.
So stay tuned, write comments on what you think about this pack. Will you buy this or not? :) And what you would like to see more.

Thanks all in advance.

P.S. Check my marketplace page here :) 


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