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Baking artifacts Question


I'm baking my model in marmoset toolbag3. My pieces are seperated into smaller pieces and named _low and _high. However When I delete 1 piece
I get this weird looking thing:

Now I now that technically it doesn't matter as you will never see this, but I'm just afraid I'm going something wrong? or is it suppose to look like this?


  • zachagreg
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    zachagreg ngon master
    What you are seeing is the AO from the entire composition being baked onto that face, My question to you is do you need to remove that object for whatever your target purposes are? The shadows in the interior of that main outline are the grooves from the removed object, most likely caught on that plane due to a cage intersection,

    This is not an issue if you don't have to remove that object. If that object does need to come off Marmoset has ways to deal with this,
    Take particular notice of the ambient occlusion map types and Ignore groups options. Also I would recommend taking a look at the different tabbed sections at the top of that page as it is a complete overview of the baking process in Marmoset.

  • Krychazz
    Hi, thanks a lot for your answer. Yes I don't need that object to come off, but as I said, I wanted to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong. I'll go through the documentation you've send. Thanks a lot! 
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