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3D Character Artist Needed

Hello Polycount,

We're looking for a 3D Character Artist to sculpt, texture, rig, and animate, a humanoid character for our upcoming first person puzzle game.

·       The character is designed for a stylized fantasy world

·       The character is humanoid, but you will not have to model facial features

·       You will have access to concept art for the character

·       You will have reference materials from the game, including existing character references

·       Familiarity with UE4 is desirable, but not required

·       We’d like to have all deliverables completed by mid-May at the latest

The deliverables for this character are approximately as follows: 


·       Sculpt and rig a 3D character using existing concept art

·       Sculpt and rig a variant of the character (the character’s legs will be replaced with a “ghost” tail)


·       Spawning animation

·       Two talk animations

·       Basic idle state animation


·       Create a stylized texture in keeping with the game’s existing aesthetic

If you are interested, please PM me with a link to your portfolio, as well as a price estimate. If you have examples of similar characters from stylized fantasy games, this would go a long way. 

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