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polycounter lvl 3
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ivanlyw polycounter lvl 3
Hey guys, wanted to share my work of an orc I did recently. This was also my entry at the rookies award 2020 and let me know what you guys think. I would love to get some feedback for improving in the future.


  • Crazy_pixel
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    Crazy_pixel interpolator
    Really nice shapes and love it :)

    The skin looks overall very rough especially when you look at his mouth area where I'm expecting fluid and saliva etc.

    For the presentation, I would love to see closeups and different light senarios like a strong light from above to make a more dramatic scene ...
    Furthermore could you improve the pose, he looks brutal but his legs and his arm with the hammer looks boring because of the straight angle, or a running pose could be also really interesting.

  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis godlike master sticky
  • kanga
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    kanga ngon master
    Yeaht he lighting and pose could use some work. Most of the model is in shadow. The hammer is not at a good angle for viewing. Check out some info on silhouette.
  • ivanlyw
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    ivanlyw polycounter lvl 3
    Thank you for the feedback kanga and Crazy_pixel. I do agree that the lighting and pose could use more work, I will get back and change up some poses and lighting after I am done with my current game character project.
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