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League of Legends Fan Skin - Farmer Yorick

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Guy Craig polycounter lvl 4
I recently made a fan skin for Yorick.  At the time of me making the skin, I was playing a good amount of Yorick and thought a Farmer themed skin would fit so well with Yorick.  So thats what I drew.  Originally I wasn't sure if I wanted to lean more towards Farmer or Gardener.  I decided to go with farmer because I really liked the chickens I made.  This is what I came up with.


ghoul variations (scarecrow, garden gnome, plant monster)

ghoul variations (cow and chicken)

Maiden ideas (Cow Barn Maiden and Chicken Coop Maiden)

Yorick In-game example

Chicken Ghoul In-game example

Chicken Coop Maiden In-game example

Full Team in-game example
(one happy family)

It's still somewhat a work-in-progress, I haven't made an in-game back view yet, but plan on doing it.  I also haven't touched his wall he can place.  It would be great to get some feedback on what could be improved.  I like working on these skin ideas and plan on doing more for other champions.

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