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[WIP] The Last Of Us - Laundromat Environment

Hey everyone, My name is Connor Duke, On a quest to get a better understanding of Modeling, Lighting, Texturing and Creating Materials I have decided to create an environment heavily inspired by the following concept art from The Last Of Us

I am just beginning my journey into creating 3D Environments and still have a lot to learn, that being said, please feel free to critique my work as it will allow me to spot any flaws, but ultimately will help me to create a better end result! 

I have begun creating a Blockout for my scene that I am quite pleased with so far! Some would say I am wasting my time putting as much effort into modeling the Blockout, but as someone who is just starting out I find it really helps me to gauge if things are scaled correctly, etc. Most if not all of the assets will be replaced with high-quality versions in the end.

Here are some screenshots from the scene in its current state:

I will continue to update this post with each progression, but please let me know what you think! I hope you have an awesome day! Thank you! :)


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