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Stylized Hut - Need Feedback and Workflow Tips

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Hello Forum,

I am getting back into 3D after a gap of over 6 years and working on my first stylized low poly asset. I have become pretty rusty over the past few years so I need your help. I have built the low poly based on the concept and I would like to know what are the next steps to take this asset from Maya to Substance to Marmoset and Unreal Engine. This is my first game asset that I would be creating of this sort since I previously only did characters for VFX and movies.

Do I need to do the UVs first or dive straight into Zbrush and get the high-poly done first and then bring it back into Maya for UVs? 
Should I model the planks on the hut and roof separately or sculpt them on the mesh I have now?
Does the topology look okay for a game model?
How many UV Maps should I have for this scene?
What is your Substance workflow for such assets?

I am also planning to add some other assets like plants, grass and rocks. How would you add the grass? Just textures on planes or model them out?

I have a ton of questions to ask but I would love to know what are the steps you would take to model this from start to finish for a render in Marmoset or Unreal Engine?

I love this forum and I am hoping to find the right answers from the experts here.

Thank you <3

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