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3ds Max Hard Surface High poly model problems with hard and smooth surfaces

Hello Guys,

I am working on my hard surface model with  the work flow of quad chamfer and Turbo smooth and I noticed that one of the edges even though it is set as a hard edge after the turbo smooth and the chamfer seems to get distorted. Please have a look at the pictures below, I have tried everything I knew that could work but nothing seems to fix it. I do not understand why the edge highligted with yellow doesnt contine to have the same flow when chamfered and turbo smoothed which results to the overlaping topology.Please let me know if you have any recomendations.


  • Kanni3d
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    Kanni3d ngon master
    Excuse the crude drawings :smile:

    Make these faces a different smoothing group. Sometimes with this workflow, a seemingly odd thing to do is to assign certain faces with different smoothing groups, despite them all being completely flat/planar with eachother. 

    When they're all smoothed traditionally (and also how you've got it set up in your screenshot), it'll want to smooth out in a different fashion than you're anticipating, and also with no respect to your highlighted hard edges.

    But when we give it a different smoothing group, the chamfer will see the two different smoothing groups, and thus put a chamfer on the intended hard edge, giving a desireable result like this:

  • jeorge
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    jeorge polycounter lvl 5
    Make sure to also turn off minimum angle in the chamfer modifier
  • Sofia27
    Thank you guys! Literally a moment ago I turned off the minimum angle in the chamfer modifier and fixed everything! I facepalmed so hard!
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