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(Paid Work) Seeking 3D Rigger for Maya

Hi, fellow artists!

I'm Adrian Lopez (better known as Mariotravel209 online) and I'm a small-time filmmaker, music artist, and animator who's currently seeking assistance for two Maya rigs. Unfortunately, I'm not as good with Maya as many here are.

The tasks should be relatively easy. All I need for these two character rigs are functioning controls for their eyes. In technical terms, I need the UV's of their eyes to be shifted through controllers.

All you'll be needing for this is Redshift as these character rigs have been modified by me to make them compatible for Redshift rendering. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or if you're interested, please contact at me at MarioT209@Gmail.com.
My deadline is arriving pretty close for this project and I'm hoping this task would completed ASAP. I'm willing to pay and negotiate the fee.
Here's my upcoming project

Hope to hear from you!
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