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[Demastered Movie Diorama Challenge] The Lord Of The Rings

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sadrak9196 polycounter lvl 8
We decided to learn blender at our studio (most of us are Maya users), so we created a quick challenge that allows us to explore a big portion of the blender modeling toolset.
We're going to make movie-inspired dioramas, it has to be old school low poly, so we decided to "borrow" the rules and tech specs of the 2013 VG Remix Contest here at polycount.
To add a bit of extra pressure to finish the challenge we decided to post daily updates in here 😅 

My movie is: The Lord Of the Rings The two Towers



  • sadrak9196
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    sadrak9196 polycounter lvl 8

    I have been working on the main characters, and in the general aesthetics of the project, for this, I wanted to work a look with realistic proportions, I still have a lot to correct, especially in textures, but this is my first advance   
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