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Sketchfab & Polycount are teaming up for a brand new, lowpoly contest: the VG REMIX!

The VG REMIX will be a 3-week long contest where artists will create lowpoly dioramas of a scenario or setting from one their favourite videogames. These depictions do not need to be in the same style as found in the game they come from - feel free to mix them up! Manga Super Mario? Sounds great! Paper Halo? Why not!? Or do you just want to creatively depict Grand Theft Auto in a low-poly diorama? Do it!


  1. You'll be creating "oldschool low-poly" dioramas where the final submission is presented using Sketchfab's interactive 3D model viewer.
  2. What do we mean by "oldschool lowpoly"? We're not using current mobile specs - just a good old fashioned low triangle count, low texture resolution contest!
    1. Our lowpoly community thread has a ton of great examples! But if you're looking for something specific, Spacey's lowpoly TF2 characters are spot on and was used as the basis for this contests specifications & tech limits. You can also check out Nix's lowpoly Mass Effect project.
  3. The dioramas should be fun and creative depictions of one of your favourite videogames. For those who may be wondering: (You can now have unfiltered rendering in Sketchfab!)
  4. You must be a member of both Polycount & Sketchfab, for 2 reasons:
    1. Your entry will require a work-in-progress thread and your final entry to be posted to a submissions thread at Polycount.
    2. Your entry must be presented using Sketchfab's interactive 3D model viewer, which is directly integrated in to the Polycount forum.
  5. This is a solo contest. No teams.
  6. You have 3 weeks. The contest begins on Monday, July 22nd 2013and ends on August 11th, 2013 @ 11:59PM EST (GMT -4).
  7. Winners are decided by the Polycount community, where they will vote for their 3 favourite entries. Voting begins after the deadline and will be announced on Polycount News and our Facebook page.
  8. There will be prizes for the Top 3 winners of this contest.



  1. Sign up! Due to our presentaiton requirements, you must be a member of Polycount (register here) & Sketchfab (register here).
  2. Posting your WIP: During the development of your entry, you must create a work-in-progress (WIP) thread on Polycount, in our Contests & Challenges forum.
    1. Your thread must follow this naming convention: <Contest name> - <Entry name>
      1. Your entry name can be the name of the videogame you've chosen (e.g. "Super Mario Bros.") or a name more appropriate to your chosen videogame and its theme/style (e.g. Super Manga Mario).
      2. E.g. VG Remix - Super Manga Mario
    2. This thread must be started and maintained during the duration of your efforts to participate in this contest. This will help show others your development process and also act as proof that you developed this artwork specifically for this contest.
  3. Your final submission: As the deadline draws near there will be a "Final Submissions" thread in the Contests & Challenges forum. This is where you will post your final entry for this contest. Your submission post must have 4 things:
    1. Your entry's Sketchfab's link, integrated in to your post. You can read about how to do that here.
      1. Please tag your Sketchfab project with "vgremix polycount"
      2. Here is a tutorial on uploading to Sketchfab.
    2. At least 1 beauty image for your submission, no larger than 1280x720
    3. At least 1 texture breakdown shot, no larger than 1280x720
    4. A link to your WIP thread.



We're going to be using specificationss inspired by our on-going LOWPOLY thread found in Pimping & Previews. Use the specs below, along with the examples posted above in General Information, as a guide when deciding on how to spend your budget. You can go as low poly/low resolution as you'd like, we are just using these specifications & tech limits as guiding numbers for when you decide how to create your low poly environment.

For an example of what can be created under these specifications, please check out Tom 'Spacey' Tallian's Lowpoly TF2.

    • Characters & important props ("hero pieces"): ~500 triangles. 128x128max texture resolution.
      • Characters are self explanatory
      • important props/"hero pieces" can be defined as vehicles, landmarks, monuments etc.
    • Environment/Props/the rest: Try and adhere to an "appreciation" of 100 triangles per object. Do not go over 64x64 texture resolution per single object.
      • Structures are tricky, and we do not want to set any rules for pixel density on this contest so try and use your best judgement. In the spirit of this contest, your structures should look & feel "lowpoly" as set by the tone of these specs and the example given.
      • "the rest" means: terrain, structure elements, vegetation, animals, weapons
      • Because sizes of objects will vary, use this only as a guideline for how you think you should spend your triangles. If you have a large object that will need more than 100 triangles, so long as it fits the tone of this contest, that is fine.
    • Diorama stage: Use your best judgement based on the character & environment/the rest specifications.
    • Textures: See below, under Sketchfab rendering settings.
    • This isn't a specification, a tech limit, or a hard rule we're setting for this contest, but we do highly recommend using the 'Unfiltered' render option found in Sketchfab to give your models that 'oldschool' look & feel.

Sketchfab has a wide variety or rendering setting to choose from. Due to the nature of this contest, only the following are ALLOWED to be used for this contest:

  1. Custom FOV
  2. Shadeless (recommended) or Original rendering options.
  3. Diffuse, Specular Color, Shininess, Emission, Opacity.
  4. Bilinear filter On, Bilinear filter Off (Recommended). Here is an explanation on how to change this setting.



  • Judging for this contest will be from the Polycount Community. Once the deadline has been reached and all submissions are entered, the Polycount Community will pick their favourite VG Remix entries.
  • The Polycount Community will choose 3 entries as their favourites.
  • Winners of this contest will receive:
    • Sketchfab Pro licenses for a year and Sketchfab t-shirts
    • A Gold, Silver or Bronze mini Greentooth Trophy from Polycount (depending on their placing in the Top 3)

CONTEST BEGINS: Monday, July 22nd 2013
CONTEST ENDS: August 11th, 2013 @ 11:59PM EST (GMT -4)

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