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Alex' improvement topic critics welcome !

Hi, I'm new in the community, I see a lot of amazing work here and I'd love to be a concept artist one day, I'm in an animation school and I thought it could be cool if I post my progression here. I have a lot to learn and critics are welcomed and appreciated !

I am a fantasy lover so you'll see a lot of knight and castle I think  ;) 
(oh and I'm french so sorry if my english is terrible)

This piece is my last one (and certainly the one I've past way too much time) it's the best that I can do for now I think

under is the first two hour of my drawing (speedpaint)


  • Will_Maccabe
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    Nice composition. To improve this I would concentrate on the anatomy of the arms and work a bit more detail into the boots. Also, his left arm and shoulder region and cape draping over this could do with improvement as it makes him look a bit hunch back (i.e. bring the cape downwards and sort the arm).  Hope it helps.  
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