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How come I never get any response to my work?

For example, my work on ArtStation, Polycount, ZBrushCentral, etc. gets very little attention, feedback, response (I would love some feedback, but never get anything), while on Instagram I get quite a lot of constructive feedback and comments that help me improve. Why is this? What am I doing wrong?


  • kanga
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    kanga polycounter
    Well, just a guess. You only have a head on the Artstation link.
  • teodar23
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    teodar23 keyframe
    Hey cpt,
    Looking at your friendly giant work, you seem at that point where you are clearly passed the novice level and probably just over intermediate. I am not a char artist but that looks pretty realistic to me. So, obviously, people that are more novice get more feedback than someone at intermediate or above, for 2 reasons. First, there are more people at or above their level, and second, competition.
    Another reason might be that you marked your topic as finished. Idk about others but when i see work marked as finished it seems pointless to give feedback since the author clearly is done with that piece and has probably moved on to the next piece.
    Also, artstation is not a forum, its more of a gallery where you show off your stuff. Dont expect more than a 'nice work' comment.
  • Nuclear Angel
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    Nuclear Angel polycounter
    Hello Captain Umbrella, so I just looked through your Polycount posts and I agree with what Teodar23 is saying about your level. To give feedback on your stuff is a lot of effort and would normally require a paintover to be done properly. As a lot of the stuff that can be improved are more than the basic feedback of, ohh you need to work on lower subdiv and your fundamentals need to be improved or just that the sculpting technique in general is lacking.

    But there are some things you can do to help yourself out as it will help other people help you out easier. 
    • Write what you need feedback on. Is it design? Anatomy? Ask questions and people will easier give an answer. 
    • Post earlier WIPs, as some of your projects are posted in quite a late stage of development it does not feel like giving feedback would give you anything, as it might be to much work that would be needed and you might not want to change some stuff. So it would be a waste of time in a way as it is fun to see feedback that helps someone out. 
    • State your goals, as just a picture of a WIP tells me nothing and I cant help you without a clear vision of where you want your project to be. 
    • Give other people feedback. This is such an under used things but it will work for you in your favor in these two ways:
    • By critiquing other peoples work you will learn from others mistakes and you practice your analytical eye. 
    • And if you never give anyone else some help why should anyone ever give you any help. This is not a charity, this is a community. Be more active and people will find your stuff.  
    All of this will help you out.

    As for giving you feedback without going in to specifics, I would recommend for you to go back and study anatomy. There are some secondary shapes and subtleties that are missing in your sculpts that drags them down. And also your presentation could use a bit of work as they are very bland right now. 

    I can not comment on Instagram as I do not have an account and I have never used it, but cool that you get some feedback there. I would also recommend you to hop in to some art Discord channels as those are quite active for some basic advice. But the level in those groups varies a lot. 
    Lastly Do not expect to get feedback on Artstation, see that as a good place for finished stuff, nothing else really. 
  • BagelHero
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    BagelHero polycounter lvl 6
    Yeah, Artstation... unless you're pro posting work from a project, or producing really great stuff that happens to get popular, you generally don't get comments-- and even when you do, they're shallow. It's just not a forum for that stuff and thats ok. If you want more attention in general, you'll need to post more and make sure you're following people around your level and with similar interests, and regularly interacting w/ their work because... otherwise noone'll see you?

    For polycount, it's likely you're in a zone where your work isn't ohmygoditssogoooood territory, but its kind of hard to critique it because you're not bad either, and you're above the level of a lot of random folks and regulars who might otherwise just drop past and say something... but looking at your threads, it's also kind of like... theres not much to say? its hard to tell where you might go wrong when you're pretty much just showing us a finished sculpt and going "here!". Polycount likes regular updates, where they can see where you're going from the relative start of the project or part of the project you want to work on. We need to see the ugly ends of your work, too, the UVs and the wireframe/topo and the texturing and stuff if you want a proper crit. Similar for most other forums, I'd venture.

  • Alex Javor
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    Alex Javor insane polycounter
    Just adding on to whats already been said, but you got to make it effortless for people to provide you feedback. As an example, in this thread I had to click links to find your art. That is asking too much.

    Try to write out specific questions you need answered, and provide easy to follow visuals right in the thread.

    Also, just personal advice, but who cares? I don't mean to be flippant about your question, but if you are just generally feeling low because people aren't responding to your art, that's no good. You are enjoying making the art right? That's what is important and will feed you for the long run.

    Of course the question is totally useful if you are just aiming to get more constructive criticism to help improve.
  • Joseph_Bramlett
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    I dont know if this forum has this kind of info stickied somewhere but a lot of what is being said in here is good advice for many artist on how to present their work and what kind of feedback they can expect to receive. 
  • captainumbrella
    Thanks a lot for your input guys, it's been good reading all your replies. Thank you!
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