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DavidCruz interpolator
Been a very long time since i posted anything for feedback so i said why not this.?.!.
Continued this on and off since the entry thread, so coming close - added 2 patterns i like, are the patterns, bad? how do i make them better? I been playing with this for a while especially the lighting.

Wanted the professional help of polycount, tell me what i could possibly do to this to make it more appealing, better, sharper, more interesting. So anything goes from lighting to background, to patterns, to trick tips what have you.  Don't like it tell me why, it would help, otherwise enjoy.

Hope to hear from you all, thanks.
The blues and reds you see are supposed to be oil leaks, grease type leaks, the patterns supposed to look like circuit board tech, if you want resize the orthographic and the pattern will disappear, it happens on the model also at a distance, glow is still wip, character is on 1 map using 2048 only.

My Concept:


  • DavidCruz
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    DavidCruz interpolator
    & 83,815 with the FX - 83,275 without fx. 2048x 2 - maps.

    so its good for what it is then? If i had to critique myself, I guess the lightning can get changed to more realistic? put back the old blade, coil look since i have to use a static image - maybe even add in some of the concept colors i started with to make it more interesting.
    Changed to an dark blue purple/teal/gray/black color cause i felt the variation in colors was a little too much but i felt it was interesting & that the other colors where more for the other elements, like red/orange/yellow.


    Spaced out:

    Any images not showing up, was some oddities when uploading. For Pc Staff.

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