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Ancient Battle WIP (Dark Souls / Arab Scene)

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Ancient Battle Blog 1 -

Research/Blockout Post -

Hi all welcome to my first blog, cheers for following along, all your feedback and crits are welcome.

The idea of this environment is going to revolve around a fantasy setting with an Arab/Dark Souls influence/touch to the castle and architecture.

The idea is still very early and open to changes, I’m pretty sure it’s going to have old ballista on top of the bridge towers for example but it’s not necessary.

This is the largest environment I have created so far, so im excited to just right in.

Blockout -

Composition -

Forground - Brown - dragon skull/hill

Midground - Blue - bridge

Background - Green - castle and landscape

White - Main focal point

Primary Moodboard -

Lighting mood general/colour ref -

General Landscape Ideas -

Castle reference -

Bridge reference -

Skeleton reference -

Dragon reference -

Small things -





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    Ancient Battle Blog 2 -

    City/Castle Architecture -


    This post is to show off the structures of the city/castle.

    The assets are designed around a vertex paint/trim workflow, I will show the texture planning at a later date.

    I hope you get the a vibe of Arab architecture/Dark Souls any feedback is appreciated.

    I have also been busy sculpting rock/mountain/wood assets and the dragon skeleton kit.


    Here are some random shots of the city, hope you like it.

    This is the main shot, the bridge is what I will be working on next, Will be making it bigger to make it seem more imposing, the towers of the bridge will have nice sculpted ballistas sitting on top.


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    Ancient Battle Blog 3 -

    Bridge Architecture -

    Hey, it’s been a while hope you are all well.

    Sorry for lack of posts have been finding a new home for more than a month, have been very stressed moving in these interesting times.

    This post is focused on the bridge kit, a complex part of the environment. As with the city, it's based on a vertex paint/trim workflow.

    The bridge has been through many battles, it's been battered/rebuilt many times.

    Created with arab/dark soul’s architectural design in mind.

    Here are a few random bridge shots. :)

    And the main shot, have also completed sculpts that I will be showing of at a later stage.

    Hope everyone is making best of our current situation and are being careful.



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