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[FINISHED] Outcast Alley - Real Time Environment

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Hi Polycount!

I finished my newest scene! I've been working really hard on it; it's a small but focused scene with quite a few props.

I worked entirely alone on this over the course of about 2 months using weekends and other bits of free time to make it all from scratch. The only external resource I used was Textures.com for some decals and some photo sourcing. Everything else, including the graffiti decals are my own.
Part of this project was in reaction to some critique I received about not having anything showing solid prop work so I decided to do a whole lot of unique modelling.

Please take a look at the full ArtStation post  to see more images and some videos!


Any comments or feedback is massively appreciated.

Originally based on a really cool concept by Shin jong hun
https://www.artstation.com/huniartist )
If you want to see the WIP thread it's here:


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