Need 3D artist for mod project

Hello! My name is DeadTom and I am looking for someone who has some experience in 3D modeling to help me with my mod project (currently named Project Amindale) for an RTS called 0 A.D.

Project Amindale aims to be an overhaul mod for 0 A.D. to convert it to a low to mid fantasy world created by me. I originally started the project in Warcraft III but with the release of Reforged I was forced to pull the plug on the project because of Blizzards EULA and a host of other issues that came with updating the game. Anyway, Amindale takes place in my own world and is one of the continents of the world. There are six continents in total and each one hosts its own unique factions. I created a pantheon and rules that govern the world. The world itself is inhabited by Humans, Elves, Orcs, Gnolls, Beastmen (Minotaur, Stayr, etc.), Centaur, and Demons as the main races. If you are interested in the project or would like to know more please let me know! I have concepts and descriptions for most everything I need, just need someone to make them real!
Thank you for reading and I apologize if my formatting is off, I'm learning this whole forum thing!


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    sounds like a lot of work.
  • Deadtom
    oraeles77 said:
    sounds like a lot of work.
    Yes, rereading the post now I see how it sounds like a lot of work and I feel I explained the project poorly. I'm not really asking for someone full time, you'd get to work when you want to and its not like this project has a set deadline either. I also know how to do some modeling and can help speed the process along, all I really need is bodies and I could make accessories and what not. Though I also don't know how to texture things so that would prove to be difficult. Anyway, if there is still anyone looking at this, we are still looking for an artist or several! 
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