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What is your favorite, Go-to HDRI skybox for presenting your Artwork?

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What is your Go-to HDRI skybox that you prefer, could come by default from software e.g marmoset or something you have downloaded. 


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  • gnoop
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    The whole idea of HDRI necessity  to get a nice realistic lighting came from a fact that many 3d graphics programmers and  technical "artists"  are a bit blind  and don't see what any regular artist just always see and could setup at once without any special help .

     And kind of neglect another  fact that any HDRI lighting is correct only for an exact place and its very specific surroundings.   

    So using any HDRI box for something generic  rendered against a  simple flat color or gradient background  is actually very unrealistic.   

    I usually just use some spherical cam render of an artificial generic scene or just paint that damn HDR myself

  • Obscura
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    Obscura godlike master sticky
    I can agree with the thought of hdris beign very specific to a place with its conditions. Though, I cant agree with the gradients, and painting the skylight cubemaps :D 
  • ZacD
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    Also, try baking your own in engine HDRIs if you want to see what your latest WIP asset will look like in your game environments. Swap between a few of them while still working in apps like Substance Painter. 
  • Millenia
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    I specifically need HDRIs which are good for baking light, so I've taken to making my own ones with Substance Designer. Heartily recommend giving that a go some time if there's anything specific you want to achieve!

    Aside from that Earthquake's panos for Marmoset are really good ;)
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