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Maya - UV Mapping more efficiently

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Benja_3d triangle
Hey there, 

I'm a beginner and after modeling a "pretty complex" house that I want to refine in Zbrush, I took a fairly long time UV Mapping it. Here's some questions that came to my mind:

1 - Is there a way to "auto rotate" every pieces so they all "face the same direction" ? When I unfold a few pieces and orient the shells, they tend to rotate. This is not ideal if I want to add a directional texture afterwards. 

2 - Is there a way for the "layout" to keep stacked shells ... stacked? When I layout my shells, the stacked ones are spread everywhere.

3 - Is there a way to "group shells" so when I do a layout, they stay aside? It would be really convenient afterwards when I want to texture it. To avoid having, for exemple, a part of my roof on the top right corner of my UV map and the other part of my roof on the bottom left corner. 

4 - I found myself switching between the legacy Unfold and Unfold3D quite a lot... is that common? The rescale option from the legacy one was really usefull while the Unfold3D would some time give me less distortion.

Thanks a lot for your time and help !


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