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Floral Vampire (WIP) (first serious project - help welcome )

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I've been modelling for a while but this is the first time I tried a fully "how should it be done" project, I also doubled it as an attempt at character design. The objective is to make some sort of androgynous, flower-plant themed vampire; game ready, low poly and handpainted.
The early base mesh is sort of finished apart from the eyelids, although I'm not sure about the front piece and the epaulettes: I may redo the branches as cards to save on space and I was undecided between leaving stripes/buttons as a separate mesh or fusing it in the chest; also I think the rose collar has too many issues with intersecating faces so I may just make them sheets. I'm gonna apply a subdivision modifier on the face to increase the polygon density and make it more facial expression-friendly. Overall I'm sorta satisfied with the result, although the lower part of the dress seems a bit empty, maybe with textures will look better.

Constructive criticism and suggestions of any kind are really appreciated :)

(I can't draw welp)
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