Seams after baking high poly to low poly in Substance Painter

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Hi there,

I am currently getting used to Blender and I'm experimenting with baking high poly to low poly using Substance Designer.
For testing purposes I just made a simple cube, then beveled the edges on the high poly by a lot to get a smooth normal, but I keep getting weird seams.

Here are my seams and hard edges set in Blender on the low poly:

And here is the high poly mesh:

I thought it's perhaps cause I didn't make the round faces shaded as smooth. But even after doing so I get this result:

It looks a touch better but still keep getting weird artefacts. Any ideas?


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    The high poly has sharp edges where the artifacts are appearing. Try clearing the sharp edges on the high poly.
    The low poly has sharp shading which is causing the artifacts in the first image. Try setting the mesh shading to smooth on the low poly.
    The low poly has sharp edges that don't match the UV splits. Try clearing the sharp edges on the low poly.

    Once this is done try baking again.

    Using a higher segment count that's an even number (try 4 or 6) may improve the high poly. Also, with this workflow you'll need to split the UVs where you want to use hard edges on the low poly. Try baking without edge splits first. There should be enough geometry in the low poly to bake without causing errors.

    Here's a thread that has documentation on how to setup hard edges and UV layouts for baking.
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