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I am a 3D Modeler that specializes in environment art and props and I have just recently graduated from the Vancouver Film School's 3D Animation and Visual Effect's one year intensive program. I have put out my resume and portfolio to any location that is hiring, but all I have got back is either negative or nothing. Can anybody please review my portfolio and notify me on things I should change?



  • Brian "Panda" Choi
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    Brian "Panda" Choi high dynamic range
    Remove all your character art.

    You're not a charactert artist, and the lack of quality of those pieces against your props is hurting the portfolio.

    Strongest piece is the Adrian helmet.

    The Celtic axe needs a revisit to the design.  It reads too much like it's too many primitives stuck together instead of something with depth in the design silhouette.
  • BagelHero
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    BagelHero interpolator
    +1 to everything Brian mentioned, and additionally: check out other environment artist's portfolios. You're up against pros here now. Your presentation needs to be current and appealing, it looks a bit outdated. Work on your lighting and basic FX. Probably present on a darker slightly tinted background imho but thats less important. If you're focusing on games having these all in a real-time engine is important.

    It's kind of a bad look that everything in here amounts to basically one single environment project done for school. Student projects aren't a great portfolio piece at the best of times in part due to constraints, but only the one (and ALL of your finished props being for it) is almost a red flag... I'd start work on a more cohesive small environment or series of nice props on your own time, and maybe start a thread here for feedback as you go to iron out some issues before its too late to go back and change them. Your texturing isn't quite stand-out enough to specifically call that out in your job title, I'd go for just "3D artist" or "Environment & Prop Artist" or something. Your modeling does seem solid.

    See also: https://polycount.com/discussion/187512/recently-hired-in-aaa-show-us-your-portfolio/p1 (some of the earlier links might be depreciated but seeing the kind of work that gets people hired is useful)

    I'd work on rotating out your student work with new work while you wait for those replies to come in/time to pass so you can apply again.

  • Zi0
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    Zi0 polycounter
    +1 to what has been said above. You are not ready yet, now that you have finished school its time to use the knowledge you gained to create a couple of professional looking pieces and remember, quality > quantity. If you want to become a environment artists  then get yourself a good tutorial or two, learn how an engine works like UE4 and things like PBR workflow and then make an awesome looking environment.
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