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Coiffure, Maya plug-in for real-time hair


Hello Polycount,

I'm Florian Croquet, some of view might have already seen my previous tool called "Couture"  than I released 2 years ago.

I'm back today with a new tool called Coiffure and it's basically the same thing with hair :D, you will also discover a new french word!
Fast, iterative and easy to use,Coiffure simplifies and streamlines the Xgen real-time workflow as usually seen in games production. 

→ Thanks to a strand library you will be able to quickly use and reuse a large variety of strands created with Xgen.
→ Organise and create your textures in Arnold in minutes.
→ Create your haircut with Coiffure’s ribbon system to quickly place and adjust your haircards.
→ Finally, adjust your UV in seconds with Coiffure’s UV template system!

Last but not least, everything is iterative and non destructive so you can create and reload any project.

To celebrate the launch of Coiffure -33% discount on perpetual license with the code "launch48" for 48H!.
Perpetual License : https://gum.co/vhMyu
Subscription License: https://gum.co/GcyWU
Coiffure works for Maya 2018+ and requires an online connection. 



Head model by Bao Vu https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xogKW


  • Psichari3D
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    Hi everyone!

    Here is the first free update for Coiffure. I will try to add new features every month and we will start with 3 features for this February.

    👉 Feather support, you can use Xgen and Coiffure to create feathers for your bird or angel characters !

    👉 Rectangular support, you can now create and use rectangular texture inside Coiffure. New baking presets are added (2K * 1K, 4K * 2K etc) and the uv template can be switched from square to rectangular texture in one click.

    👉 You can now duplicate a strand in the library to create new strands even more quickly.

    Coiffure will handle all the tedious work of duplicating xgen files !

    This update is free for the early birds who already have a license and available for every new customer !

    In the video there is a tribute to the TV show “Manimal”, I remember watching it for hours when I was a kid. These effects were created by Stan Winston and even 35 years later they are still mesmerising to watch. Have a look on youtube if you don’t know the show !



    Perpetual License :  https://gum.co/vhMyu

    Subscription License:  https://gum.co/GcyWU

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    Hi :)

    Yesterday I release a new free update, I also realized I forgot to post the previous one here :astonished: 
    Coiffure Monthly update V2:

    This version includes a brand new layering system for the grooming tool.
    Now you have two way to display your haircards: by strands textures (red section) or by layers (Blue section).
    You can create as many layer as you want and you can have a group of layer for each scalp of your character.
    This allow you more control, a better understanding of your haircut and I hope an improved workflow.

    More info here: 

    Coiffure Monthly update V3:

    In this last update you will find a file manager window to help you duplicating (except hairboards) or deleting your files and a new options for the textures baking.

    More info here: https://www.artstation.com/psichari/blog/Ovnq/coiffure-130



    Perpetual License :  https://gum.co/vhMyu

    Subscription License:  https://gum.co/GcyWU

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