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Dune Ornithopter

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LoganFeliciano greentooth
Happy New Year everyone. Here are the first images of 2020 for me. This was an exploration of some new workflows and processes, so I wanted to revolve that around a project I thought would be fun. This is a continuation of the Dune series and my take on the Ornithopters.

Ornithopters, also commonly referred to as 'thopters, were the most common small transport vessels in the Imperium. These ships were capable of carrying 6 passengers, 9 if the back seats were removed.

Most 'thopters were winged vessels that were capable of flight through jet propulsion, as well as by mimicking the movements of birds. While the jets were the primary propulsion system, the wings assisted in maintaining altitude, as well as maneuvered the vessels.

This was a fun project to practice workflows, combining 2D and 3D techniques.

Thank you very much for checking out.


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