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Start selling your Designs as physical prints! Shopify API/Plug in 3D Printing

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Hi all,

I hope you are all well and happy holidays! This post is basically for those looking to set up their own 3D Printing business.

  1. Sign up for our FREE Shopify Plug in and you upload your designs (STL/OBJ files)

  2. launch your own e-commerce site (Shopify starts at $20 per month with a free 14 day trial)

  3. We give you the fixed cost of producing the product and then you choose your profit mark up and what options you would allow your users to choose from including materials etc.

  4. Customers go onto your site and order your designs. That order then gets processed by a local manufacturer who 3d prints your product and ships it either direct to client or yourself to ship on.

I have uploaded an image of what it looks like in back end. If anyone is interested let me know. Our software is FREE, we take a tiny % from each transaction.

Cheers and happy new year girls and boys!

It’s called Shop3D - it is in the Shopify ‘app store’ once you set up an account

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