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Hi, I'm Eric Dinoware:)

I have a lot of experience since 2009. Worked on multiple projects. 
Most of the time I worked as a Freelancer.

I want to work in a friendly team in which I can develop my professional skills and get new experience.
Remote fulltime job, with the possibility of soft relocation to the city in which the office is located, is most interested for me.
But get a remote fulltime job or freelance (without relocation), I will also be very happy!

Here an example of creation detailed, understandable, and visual Documentation

Here an example of my Article

Here are examples of my own Projects

Level Design examples

Some UI/UX Examples

Modeling / Sculpting examples

Examples of Materials

Portfolio: Dinoware.Art
Resume: In attached file
Email / Skype: dinoware@icloud.com

CGI and in particular Gamedev is my passion! Therefore I always give all my best!

I will be glad to cooperate!  :)

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