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Marmoset bakes WHITE roughness

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Yoji polycounter lvl 8
So I have this mesh with 8 texture sets and I didn't want to combine my textures with PS or SD after I painted it in SP, so I instead decided to use the original baker file (replace the highs with my lows) in Marmoset and bake my comp maps like base color, roughness and metal.
I told Marmoset to bake these 3 and it worked like a charm, EXCEPT roughness which turned out white.
I fixed my issue ofc by reloading the textures into albedo instead and rebaked with a different name but it was still bugging me that originally my roughness decided to be white. I ran a few tests with inverting roughness on the shader and loading different maps but they still come out white.
Any ideas why this happens?


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