Critiques wanted: Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty sculpt

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Howdy folks. I've been doing 3D since 2015. I had a wonderful networking event last night where my old teacher suggested I get on Polycount....

Well, I've been working on this sculpt for a few days and I wanted some critiques/advice. I'm doing it to show off my photoreal skills and anatomy knowledge; I haven't been intending on making it game-ready - just a pretty BPR render.

I've been sculpting Rutger Hauer/Roy Batty because I figured that the old "photoreal human" on my profile needs replacing:
[the lips and cheeks strike out to me as being very wrong]

I started with a basemesh. (Daz3D Genesis8)

I deleted my low resolution topology too early I reckon. I couldn't see an option to raise it higher so I just "ZRemeshed" and lost all of that old information... I feel like I've gotta get my head around Zbrush and all of its weird little things that do a similar job, yet are different - (like ZRemesh and DynaMesh) still, even though I've been using it since early 2018.

I feel like I need to strongly practice my anatomy knowledge - luckily I've got new, excellent tutorials.

I've spent a few whole days on this so far - should I put it in the bin and start a new sculpt? (I've been doing mini-sculpts from scratch, but I really want something portfolio worthy and want to cut back on time and want to do what the industry does.)

TL;DR - here are my questions:

1. "I've lost the lower-res topology and it's becoming quite hard to modify the forms of the face. Should I just restart?"
2. "Is a BPR render acceptable, for a game-focused portfolio?"
3. "part of my brain says this sculpt is acceptable, despite the flaws. Am I doing myself a -big- disservice by putting this sculpt on my portfolio, at a stage that isn't much more refined than this?"


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    1. You don't need to restart.  Dupe the body/head subtool, zremesh at half res a few times til you have a much lower poly mesh.  The details will be gone but now you can subdivide a few times and project at each subdiv til you are at geo density that matches the original subtool.  But now your geo should be cleaner and you will have lower subdivisions.

    2. No

    3. Yea this is no where near folio worthy.  The anatomy, proportion, detail all needs to be significantly better.  And for a beginner such as urself, I would never leave anything in a blank expression/tpose state.  Pose it, light it, make nice renders.  You can show the Tpose as well but final presentation MATTERS.
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    Riddim polycounter lvl 3
    Thanks man. I now definitely see the importance of presentation.
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