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Neck Topology; Option A or B?

Which would you say is an ideal neck topology; [A] one that follows the major neck muscles or sternal head (Sternocleidomastoid) or [B], nice even straight upward loops that follow the creases in the skin (may also be know as neck rolls), but with a good neck muscle rig?

Option [A] may be easy to use via animating and posing in 3D modeling programs etc, while option [B] would be best for realistic skin simulation results. BTW, these even loops or creases go up to the ear and don't stop at the underside of the jawline like the topology of most models. With option [B] I would imagine that you can use a more advanced rig and import the animations to a character with a more simple rig for a game.

I should also clarify that this isn't for one purpose, I am trying to make a multi-purpose product for stuff like film and games. All topology is done except for the face and neck, and am shooting for a mid 2020 release which will come with a free version. Ege flow is already mostly based on skin creases, such as when you turn your torso. We are also looking at a subdivision of 100-120k triangles for the high poly version or LOD.

I can't really do both at the same time accurately, so as a product which neck topology would you prefer or see as ideal?


  • oglu
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    Depends on the use case like you pointed out. There is no Topo to rule them all.
  • PolyCore33
    oglu said:
    Depends on the use case like you pointed out. There is no Topo to rule them all.
    Well yes, that's why there is an option A & B. It's more like a popularity contest I guess. I want to know what most people would prefer, especially animators.

    Then again, option [B] may mean more animating time. If I go with option [A], a more complex topology, option [B] can still be made as an optional head part replacement since that neck topology is more flexible and easy to adapt to existing head topology.

    I can possibly do both, but still value anyone's opinion on [A] vs [B].
  • rollin
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    I have found in nearly every case that a even grid gives better results and is easier to work with. Only if you are using some polycount too high to just ignore the issue and too low to get your neck muscles shapes in for very bulky characters it might be better to let the loops purely follow the muscles.
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