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Realistic Mega-Garchomp

Im a junior 3D character/creature artist and for a project I am creating Mega-Garchomp from Pokemon but within our real life world. I am trying to stick to the design but also make it look more realistic in terms of its anatomy and what it would look similair to such as a dinosaur and other features that match its design like sharks and lizards.
So far this is where I am at in terms of moddeling it in Zbrush. Any advice and critism would be helpful as I need opinions on things like the anatomy and features for the design of it. 

I will be updating with better screenshots but I attached a turntable video of what it looks like now.

I am planning to add shark like scales on the top layer of his back and along the top of his tail.


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    As Brian Choi always says, we're lazy. It's better to take a minute or two getting some very basic screenshots in the post that people will actually see, even if the lighting and camera angles don't do the work any justice. People aren't going to take the time to download a file, unzip it, and watch a video when there's so many other posts demanding their attention.
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