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Some UV questions

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CyberdemoN_1542 polycounter lvl 2
Hello everyone. So I know the basics about UV unwrapping. I make smoothing groups, then add seams based on those, unwrap and use an unpacker to maximize the texel density. I am a hard surface modeler so I often have lots of symmetrical geometry to which I make overlapping islands to maximize the texel density. So I know the basics but now I think it is the time to expand my UV knowledge. This is the gun I am working on. 

Until now I have modelled mostly antique weapons with not many decals but now I am making sci fi weapons and that have decals on them. The problem is that when I overlap the symmetrical islands the decals are flipped on the other side! I don't have a picture because I won't start UV unwrapping until I figure this out but I had this problem on my last project. Because I didn't know how to fix this I basically abandoned the decals but there must be a better way to do this. 

What do you think?


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    Obscura godlike master sticky
    What type of decals are we talking about? Stickers? Ones that modifies normal?Or? If its stickers, you can slap a plane where you want the decal and give it some unique uv shape or an atlas uv with separate material.
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