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Sketchbook: Joshua Millyard

Hello everyone, I'm starting a sketchbook as a place to organise my WIP's and such. C&C welcome

Just a bit about myself: I currently work at VFX company called Framestore as a full-time runner. I have a mentor in advertising who gives me feedback, advice and assignments to complete. Most of the work I post here will most likely be from projects I'm currently working on with him.

Here's a link to my portfolio so you can see some of my work: https://www.artstation.com/jmillyard



  • jmillyard
    The project I've currently been set is to recreate Zugspitze in Houdini. I'll be using Houdini's Heightfield nodes to do this. I'm still quite new to Houdini, so there will be a lot to learn. I also want to try and export the final assets/tool into UE4 for use in a real-time environment. This should also be an interesting challenge as there a lot more variables to consider, such as workflow, optimisation and pipeline/integration.

    Heres some reference supplied to me by my mentor as well as some I found online:

  • jmillyard
    There were quite a few ways to start this, I figured there was a good chance I could extract some satalite data from somewhere. It turns out there's a SOP node in Houdini by Mapbox that does just this. All you have to do is set the coordinates of the location and it will create the Heightfield. It will also import the Open Street Map data such as roads, streams, rivers etc. as curves with attributes.

  • jmillyard
    The imported data was pretty low-res, so I spruced it up a bit with some extra displacement, a few passes of resampling and erosion.

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