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Gaps between landscape sections

Hey guys, I'm new to Unreals landscapes and trying to make a landscape for my racing game. As you can see in the screenshot, there are these seams between the sections of this new, completely flat landscape I created. I know the black lines disappear when I build the lighting, that's not my problem.

The problem is, when I drive over these seams, my car starts to jump, as if there was a height difference, but the landscape should be completely flat! I tried to use the smooth brush and smooth the seams, but that didn't change anything. I tried having a basic sphere roll over those seams, to see if maybe my car was the problem, but the sphere also started to jump when rolling over these seams. So Unreal seams to treat those seams as if there were tiny gaps between them or something.

Can anyone tell me how I can stop this from happening?

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