Distortion in my UVW Unwrapping - please help

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Deniell triangle
I'm totally new to making textures and I encountered problem with my unwrapping. Some parts of my model are distorted (selected area) and I have no clue how to fix it. I'm following tutorial but he does not have this problem. Any help is really appriciated.

I have also another question. Does all the checker quads need to be in same size? For example if quads in selected area was bigger than in the unselected are, would that be problematic?

Thank you so much.


  • rollin
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    rollin greentooth
    You have to scale the selected areas of the UVs in one dimension (or use automatic 'relax' tool)
    Your 2nd question is regarding texel density which is a topic on its own. The short answer: is is not wrong per se but it might be wrong per definition if you or someone defines that each objects needs a constant texel density. Usually you want a more or less constant texel density.
  • Deniell
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    Deniell triangle
    Thanks for answer. I've tried relax but nothing happened. Atleast nothing good happened. :D But I solved the problem now. I just remodeled that piece and did the unwrap again. Now it's good I think. The seams looks ugly but in the tutorial it's the same so I hope it will be good in the end. Thank you again!

  • Alex Javor
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    Alex Javor polycount lvl 666
    You don't got to go forward with fingers crossed. Digital art means that it is very easy to work non-destructively, make many iterations, and thus feel free to experiment. 

    A little discipline in how you backup and organize your work means that doing experiments to figure things out for yourself is always a possibility. 

    So this is your first time unwrapping something and you are unsure if this is a good setup. You won't know until you get to texturing though. You've got the checker pattern applied but right now, you don't have enough experience to really understand what it is showing you. 

    Something you can do is save your file with a different name, like "thingamajig_texture_test" and then go ahead and jump forward to your texturing app. Apply some basic materials and a quick version of whatever your plan is for final textures. Now you can see what is going to happen based on your UV's. Seeing is understanding. 

    Then you can export those textures and apply them to your model back in your 3d program. Now, if you move the UV shells around, again you can see directly how the UV layout and textures work together. Understand in an intuitive way.

    If you explain 3d art with only words, my god does it seem complicated. But once you go through all the processes and just play with them without worry, you start to realize it is all quite intuitive and simple. 

    Once you learn to work like this you open up real possibility to learn at a rapid pace. No longer will you be afraid to try things. It all just depends on having a system for organization, discipline in doing that extra work to stay organized, and of course having the will to crash forward when you don't really know which way is up.
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