Undead Monster Bust- Necroblarg [finished]

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Finally calling this done after picking it up and putting it down a million times. I was hoping to get this done before Halloween but oh well, have a spooky Thanksgiving! :) would love some feedback!
Concept Art- https://www.deviantart.com/td-vice/art/Necroblargh-406196400
Full work- https://www.artstation.com/artwork/k4xGG6


  • JamesBrisnehan
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    JamesBrisnehan polycounter lvl 7
    Pretty cool. I like the model and textures, but there are a couple of things I think are keeping it from being really awesome. First and foremost, the lighting could be a lot more exciting. Lighting for horror monsters should be a lot more dramatic, higher contrast, and with some interesting rim light, side light or bottom light. Turning down the roughness could help too. The gooy bits being a little glossier will look great with rim light.

    Second, I think your skull could use some more texture breakup. It's a bit too uniform and the bump a little too strong. It reads more like stucco or canvas right now. Smoother areas would help. 

    I know you want to be done with this piece, but you are so close to it becoming really awesome.
  • Nanobait
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    Nanobait triangle
    that makes a lot a sense! I might rest my eyes from it a moment and come back to it with what you've said in mind, thanks so much!
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