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[Finished] Night Creatures (Blemmyes)

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MatheusDalla polycounter lvl 4
Hi guys, recently i got myself this quest, of getting these old models of mine and giving them a render they deserve.
I made them about 3 years ago, from concept to a game ready model.
The workflow was: zBrush (Sculpting) - Blender (Retopology and UV) - Substance Painter (Texturing and bake) - Blender (Render and posing) - Photoshop (Post).
They are based on the blemmyes mythology, and i am really proud about them. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as i do.  :)
I named them: Blemmeyes, Blemmyae and Blemmfly.
Mode about them on my https://www.artstation.com/matheusdalla.


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