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WIP - Fireplace Model


I am getting close to finishing the high res of this fireplace and would love any CC on what I could change or improve. I am going to work on the walls and a few props to make a small environment next, but I am debating whether I should take the fireplace into Zbrush to add in some wear and tear or if I should just add it in the textures. I have attached the image I am using as reference below.

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  • JamesBrisnehan
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    None of the damage seems drastic enough to warren a trip to zbrush. That's really more if you need to take chunks out of the high res or wanted to sculpt the decorations instead of modeling them. As long as you can get a good normal and AO bake you should be fine to start texturing. Couple of things first. The designs on the lower half of the top shelf  are much deeper cut in the reference. You don't want those details to get lost in the bake. Also, the pile of logs in the reference is much bigger.  And if you have time, adding in those large swirls and little designs on the sides of the columns would help them look a lot more interesting.
    Anyway, good start, it will be cool to see how it turns out.
  • TimFraser
    Awesome, thanks for the feedback James. I had a design on the side of the columns but it wasn't turning out very good so I took it out. I will have another crack at it though and look at implementing the other changes 👍
  • TimFraser
    Posting an update to this project. It's still a WIP but I got it into UE4 and have the first pass textures on the models. I am just about to work through a UE4 lighting tutorial as I need help with that aspect and will redo the lighting after I complete the tutorial. There are certain things I know need work but I would love to get some new eyes on the scene and hear some feedback on what other people pick up on.
    Also, can anyone suggest a good particles tutorial for UE4 so I can tweak the Starter Content fire to more suit my fireplace? I am not looking at becoming a master of particles but some idea of what I am doing would be helpful haha. Thank you.

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