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Hide texture repetition - what's the state of art solution?

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bitinn polycounter lvl 3
Say I have following:

- a set of fairly low poly modular wall models.
- a few tileable textures: wall, broken walls, etc.
- I want to blend these textures to hide the repeat tiling when you have a long stretch of walls.

Now, I know there are 2 general approaches:

- vertex color blending: this is no go for me due to model being too low poly.
- texture blending: this is possible but ...

I need at least 2 UV here, right? One for tiling textures and Another for the blending/splat texture?

- I know 3A games have tricks like projecting a large paintable splat texture onto the world geometry, which avoids 2nd UV.
- But doing this for all walls seem difficult, not to mention it will be a custom solution that only works in game engine.
- It also doesn't work in a more dynamic world, as the splat texture is authored, not generated.

So I am weighting my options here:

- I could go with 2 UV, and create variation by having more splat texture, the upside is this can be done in common DCC, the downside is, of course, more work.
- I could go with a procedural solution, where we blend textures differently based on world position and some noise, the upside is even user-created content would be fine, the downside is they are less interesting than authored ones.

Are there any other solution I am not aware of?


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