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Extremely fast progressing project looking for additional talent! (pirate themed Action RPG)

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Rebel Camp Games started out with me as solo developer who made ARPG Emberheart and released survival game Forests of Augusta. Now we are a core team of 2 people working on a prototype for a pirate themed ARPG called Oceans Dark: Curse of Mithra. We have made a lot of progress in just 3 weeks time. We aim to have a prototype done in 2 months, where we will go to possible investors/publishers with. I have rich family members who’ve shown interest in funding the project. And then there’s other funding options like kickstarter, epic dev grant, Belgian Game Fund Organization, etc…

Here’s a gameplay video of the first testversion of the Vertical Slice that was done in just 3 weeks time with a core team of 2 people!!

So we are looking for 4 volunteers to help out on making the prototype/vertical slice happen with a higher chance of getting a paid job in 2-3 months than the average indie team.
We are looking for:
  • A 3D Character Artist to make armor sets, clothing, wearables for the player character
  • A Level Designer
  • A 2D Artist who can do UI design and Icons (skills, potions, etc…)
  • An Audio Engineer who can also compose music
Requirements for 3D Artist/Armor Modeler :
  • Can model Armor/Clothing/Wearables in target polycount
  • Can Rig and skin the wearables to the character skeleton
  • Highly motivated and can contribute at least 20 hours per week
  • Able to show a high quality portfolio with realistic artstyle models

Requirements for Level Designer position :
  • You can create beautiful levels with provided assets but you can do more than just dragging and dropping assets in a level
  • You are able to set up landscape materials and materials of assets with good performance in mind
  • You are able to do simple blueprint stuff (like making a windmill rotate)
  • You are always looking at FPS and can perform techniques to improve performance
  • Strong knowledge of lighting and atmosphere (post-processing, skies)
  • You can model basic stuff like rocks or grass
  • Bonus points: Knowledge of World Machine
  • Highly motivated and can contribute at least 20 hours per week
  • Able to show a great portfolio with great level designs

Requirements for 2D Artist (UI and Icons)
  • You can design the User Interface of the game with provided screenshots of programmed features or with provided grayscale mockups or UX designs
  • You can paint beautiful icons mainly for skills and stuff like potions or crafting materials, but also user interface icons
  • Bonus points : Able to paint concepts of characters, environments, props or paint loading screens
  • Bonus points : Can make beautiful logo for the game
  • Highly motivated and can contribute at least 20 hours per week
  • Able to show a great portfolio with UI/Icon designs

Requirements for Audio Engineer/Composer :
  • Can make Sound FX for various activities in the game (sword fighting, cannon shooting, animal sounds, ocean sounds, etc..)
  • Can compose original pirate themed music
  • Able to orchestrate, but also use things like guitar stabs with dark strings/pads
  • Highly motivated and can contribute at least 20 hours per week.
  • Able to show a great demoreel or audio/music samples (soundcloud i.e.)
  • Only Applicants who can do both audio engineering and compose music please!

What we can offer :
  • Small and fun team to work with (core team of 2 high quality generalists atm)
  • High chance for the project to get funded, which will mean you get a properly paid job after 2-3 months.
  • A motivated team that makes 5-10x more progress than most indie teams you can find on the Unreal forums!
  • HIghly experienced people who know how to make and finish a game.

If interested, apply by sending your cover letter and all relevant information like portfolio/work samples to [email protected]

If you want more info first before applying, feel free to add me on Discord: Stefan (Stellar Rebel)#5613

Good luck and be prepared to do a voice interview!
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